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One Day, One Play: how a well-executed play generates a thunderous Brooks’ dunk


This play during the game against the Red Star proves how a missed shot on a well-executed play can generate other opportunities, in this case a series of great readings produces a thunderous Jeff Brooks’ dunk.

The play begins with Michael Roll attacking the space off the dribble to earn his best shot, a jump-shot from mid-range off his dribble. Here Jeff Brooks makes a smart move without the ball, when he leaves the low post to open up on the perimeter, because Nemanja Dangubic, the man in charge of guarding him has no chance to follow him while he has to stop Roll’s initiative. Brooks becomes another potential target for Roll. This is exactly what happens when Roll finds himself doubled down. The moment the defense is forced to react to an offense that earns an advantage, the goal becomes to find the best possible shot.

Here Lorenzo Brown has to rotate and go to prevent Brooks from taking an open shot, so Brooks can in turn move the ball to Shelvin Mack, who faces yet another defensive rotation and can download the pass on Amedeo Della Valle. The Italian guard can shoot an open, well-built three. The miss is the least of the problems, because in the meantime the whole Red Star defense is completely unbalanced. While Michael Ojo does not leave the paint to stay close to Kaleb Tarczewski, Lorenzo Brown, who is not used to box-out a rebounder completely ignores Brooks. So Jeff can run to rebound the ball, finds the corridor open and can make the big dunk!