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President Proli’s interview with La Gazzetta: here the highlights


Olimpia president, Livio Proli, gave a long interview to the Gazzetta dello Sport. Here are some of the highlights.

About the future: “I am living the club as I’m going to be present forever: I plan and make decisions. If instead we are going to take different directions, I would reiterate that those who will replace me, just to clarify once for all, will be working along the lines of what has been built so far “.

About the EuroLeague: “Any judgment cannot ignore the comparison with the previous season when in December we were out of the race. We would have signed to compete until the last quarter of the last game, the increase and improvement are objective facts”.

About Mike James: “He’s having an extraordinary season, he’s in the running for the EuroLeague MVP title. In future we will have to develop a system and a roster that will allow Coach Pianigiani to decrease his usage. He played all the games with superhuman loads, so the few games thet he player under our expectations are understandable, he can’t be blamed for anything. If you put him on the court over 30 minutes per game and ask him to do what he did, you can’t then talk about having a defensive impact too”.

About Gudaitis and Tarczewski: “They are two extraordinary centers. They came to Olimpia as kids and now they are followed closely by all the EuroLeague teams and not only them. I am happy and proud of them. We want to extend Gudaitis’s contract to try to keep it at least another year and prevent it from going to Cleveland this summer ”.

About the Italians: “I would like them to come to Milan with the pleasure and the ambition to win the Italian championship rather than thinking about the EuroLeague. That requires physical, athletic and emotional skills of such a high level that a good Italian Serie A player has a hard time holding up. Nothing is precluded but the run-up have to be long ”.