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Pianigiani: “We need to play our game for 40 minutes, evolve and contain their uptempo game”


For the second time this year Olimpia faces a team coming off a coaching change with Victor Garcia replacing Salva Maldonado just before flying to Milan. That makes the game even more critical, since Olimpia is about to embark on an odissey in December with 10 game, six of them to be played on the road and five of those trips will require a plane. But let’s start with Gran Canaria. “It’s been a weird week because we took a rest collectively but many players had to report to their National teams – Coach Simone Pianigiani explains – Besides because of some injuries we couldn’t practice the way we liked and that explains why recently we have not been able to be as sharp and efficient as we were for many weeks. This is still a game that we need to win because the schedule is becoming tougher later in the month. To sustain our position we need to evolve as a team. The last couple of games we were good when we moved the ball, we passed the ball and we attacked the rim too, while we lost control of the tempo when we rushed some shots. In Kaunas we took shots that we have the ability to make even after one or two passes but when you do that for five or six straight possessions that can be dangerous. Zalgiris made the break and then we had to play catch-up. We need to play our brand of basketball for 40 minutes, no letdowns. Defensively we have to contain Gran Canaria’s uptempo game because they can establish their kind of game for many minutes. Their offense is a playoff-caliber offense and the way they play is very good, but this is a game we need to win, by doing something more immediately”.