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Pianigiani: “In Barcelona we need to stay tough and compete”


Simone Pianigiani talked at length about Olimpia’s upcoming game in Barcelona: “Barcelona is the first of three consecutive EuroLeague road games and open a month with only one home game, next Sunday in the Italian League. We’ll need to show maturity and competitiveness. Barcelona just added a proven scorer like Edwin Jackson and will have Rakim Sanders who didn’t play in Milan. He will bring athleticism and low post play. More than that, Barcelona is a very good pick and roll team with Tomic, who’s very dangerous in the short roll execution, and Oriola who’s very active. They also have guards with a lot of firepower. At home they are very aggressive defensively so for us it’s really important to limit turnovers in order to not allow easy fastbreak points. We are usually able to produce offensively but to do that in Barcelona taking care of the ball will be crucial. We won’t have Kuzminskas because of the flu but our goal is still the same: we won’t have to give up, we want to compete, raise the team solidity because it will help us in the long run, both in the Italian League and in the EuroLeague”.