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Too many shooting mistakes and not only so Olimpia lost in Varese


An horrible shooting time set up the conditions for a well-deserved Varese win 76-72. Olimpia trailed since early in the second period and was capable to tie up the score only once, in the third after Vlado Micov made two straight three-pointers. But most of the night Olimpia didn’t find any rhytm shooting wise and when the defense was passive like in the second quarter Varese took off. “They made a choice, a drastic one. They collapsed in the lane and challenged us to make shots. And everybody missed shots they should be specialist of”, Coach Pianigiani said. “But I can understand missing open shots, what’s unacceptable was being so passive and with no personality especially in the second quarter when they scored 25 points. That’s I cannot forgive. It’s February, it’s time to have a different approach and a different personalities even in the Italian league. We are at a point where the team is going to be weighted and going through the motions is not allowable anymore”.