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Olimpia didn’t complete the comeback and lost 91-88


Olimpia trailed by as many as 17 points before staging another colossal comeback that came up just short. Red Star won in Milan 91-88. Olimpia tied the game up at 83 with 51 seconds left thanks to two consecutive threes by Vlado Micov. But it couldn’t finish the jobe: James Feldeine made a huge basket, Milko Bjelica stole a ball and converted two free throws. Olimpia responded again but couldn’t complete one more rally. After a shockingly bad first quarter, with a line-up counting on desire, energy and the three-point shooting by Dairis Bertans, Olimpia gradually got closer and closer to Red Star. But in the end it was another close loss, consistent with everything that happened during the season’s first half. Olimpia lost three games with a 3-point or less margin, one by five and one after an overtime. The close calls are affecting the standing. “The first quarter was unacceptable – Coach Simone Pianigiani commented – what we learned is that players missing practice time are losing their shape and the ones that put up the work are getting better and better, see Bertans and Cinciarini. What we need is to find a way to avoid allowing the opponents’ run to be so big”.