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Pianigiani: “It’s correct to be upset but it’s a good first step”


Coach Simone Pianigiani had this to say after the Moscow game: “We dictated the tempo of the game in the first half, obligated them to follow us and also the defensive plan was efficient, but I knew they were going to comeback strong in the second half, I expected them to be much more aggressive. I knew they were going to put their hands all over the place. The turnovers killed us. We had just one in the first half but 11 in the second. This is what creted separation. Obviously for many of our players everythng was different and the level of experience was uncomparable. In spite of that we played a very good game for more than 30 minutes. It’s correct to be upset because we let a big chance slip away but at the same time it’s  a promising start. We probably had to stay the course a little more, we had to resist more in the third quarter in order to have a real chance at winning. We’ll use those mistakes for the future but for the timebeing it’s a good first step”.