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  • Coach Pianigiani: “At this time every game is going to be a streetfight”

    Coach Simone Pianigiani run the last practiced session, at Mediolanum Forum, before the Desio game  against Panathinaikos, a crucial game in the EuroLeague playoff race: “It is the final rush that we expected. Panathinaikos comes off five wins in a row, including three wins on the road and the one in Moscow at the last […]

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  • Olimpia’s great game in Madrid is not enough to win, 89-92

    One of the best games of the season resulted in a loss probably undeserved by Olimpia in Madrid, 92-89 with three attempts to tie the game that were unsuccessful. After playing an almost perfect first quarter and leading three times by as many as 18 points in the first half, Olimpia struggled to stay consistent […]

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  • Coach Pianigiani: “We’ll leave everything on the floor, because it’s a privilege to run for the playoff”

    Olimpia left this afternoon for Madrid. Tomorrow it will face the mighty Real Madrid for the 27th Round of the EuroLeague regular season: “We play against the most complete team in the EuroLeague – Coach Simone Pianigiani said -, they can do many different things, they are great at executing the pick and roll, they […]

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  • Why this season Mike James should be the EuroLeague’s MVP

    In the 14 years since the EuroLeague MVP award has been officially awarded only one player has won it twice: Anthony Parker won it in the first two seasons. He played for Maccabi, won the EuroLeague twice and moved on to the NBA to play in Toronto and Cleveland. Parker was the first and only […]

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